How To Attract New Patients Fast: PPC Guide For Chiropractors

Did you know that the top 3 paid advertising spots on Google get up to 46% of clicks on a search page? That means if you aren’t already using paid marketing for your chiropractic practice, you could be missing out. 

These key advertising spots are known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads and are a highly effective part of any paid marketing strategy. PPC advertising is a sure-fire way to boost your revenue, acquire new patients, and improve your overall online visibility.

What is PPC? 

PPC is a type of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that places your ad at the top of search results, so patients find your website while they’re searching for a chiropractor. These ads are commonly found on search engines like Google and are made up of text, but can also be on social media and feature images or video. And better yet, PPC is cost-effective because you only pay for your ad if someone clicks it. 

PPC is a great way to boost your website’s placement in search rankings because you’re paying search engines to appear at the top of results. And since pay-per-click ads are easy to track, they can be really effective when paired with other marketing efforts for quick, measurable results. 

Why Should Chiropractic Practices Use PPC?

PPC content can increase your website traffic and ranking, while simultaneously improving your patient acquisition and retention rate. You won’t only see growth in more profitable patients, but also a better Return on Investment (ROI) compared to other ad types.

Pay-per-click ads can help:

  • Attract new patients to your practice
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Boost scheduled appointments 
  • Reach your preferred audience
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve marketing ROI
  • Get your practice faster results than other kinds of marketing

PPC’s main goal is to increase your patient base by attracting new patients to your practice. Since your ad only shows up if patients type in keywords or phrases into the search engine, you need to include relevant keywords in your ad. Choosing the right keywords will make sure you connect with the right people– prospective patients who are most likely to book an appointment with you. 

There are some terms you won’t want to show up for in search results, so thankfully you can also select Negative keywords, which ensure your practice WON’T come up for certain searches. For example, you definitely don’t want to show up if a prospective patient types ‘Worst Chiropractor Near Me’ into Google! There are tools that can help you choose which keywords you should (and shouldn’t) use to reach your ideal audience.

Online Chiro’s marketing experts can help you create an impactful list of search terms and connect with your ideal audience, so you can generate more patient leads. But, ad clicks don’t guarantee conversions, so you’ll also need to have a powerful landing page and website to help seal the deal. 

PPC Ads + Powerful Website= New Patients

Patients often conduct extensive research before selecting a provider, so ensuring your website is persuasive and has all the information a prospective patient needs can make the difference between a simple website visit and a scheduled appointment. 

In fact, 71% of patients will look for another provider if there isn’t enough information on the website. So that means that even if someone clicks through your PPC ad, it’s important that they land somewhere that gives them all the information they need. This can be accomplished with a landing page. Your landing page should make it easy for patients to complete your ad’s call to action (CTA). For example, if your practice is offering free consultations, your landing page should include all the details patients need to contact you to schedule their consultation before they move on to exploring the rest of your website. 

Outsourcing your website design to a digital marketing company with industry insight, like Online Chiro, can help ensure your website fulfills your existing and potential patients’ needs to help improve retention and patient acquisition. 


Building a strong online presence is vital if you’re looking to grow your practice, and PPC is one piece of the puzzle. Here at Online Chiro that’s exactly what we do. Our team of experts drives traffic to your website and new patients to your office with PPC Ads and other marketing fundamentals. Whether you’re looking for website support or a full marketing strategy, our experts can help you get what you need.

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