5 Ways To Attract New Patients With A Tailored Website

Your online presence is a critical part of your chiropractic practice growth, especially when 63% of people would choose a provider with a strong online presence over one who doesn’t. Creating an online presence may seem intimidating, but the right website setup can grow your patient base, simplify your marketing efforts, and even streamline in-office tasks in one place — all without your practice having to lift a finger.

#1 Use optimization to target your most profitable patients

When a patient searches for chiropractors online, Google matches them with thousands of search results. The first page, the page that 75% of people don’t go past, is the most important for your chiropractic practice to be on. By search-optimizing your website, your practice can rank higher in search, therefore being exposed to more patients.

Pre-designed chiropractic website templates make search engine optimization easy, giving practices an instant SEO boost with mobile-friendly, optimized designs. Some chiropractic marketing companies, like Online Chiro, even offer a catalog of SEO content to boost visibility and credibility with patients

#2 Book patients 24/7 with online appointments

Booking over the phone is a hassle. Not only for your staff who have busy schedules, but for your patients who have busy lives. In fact, if your website doesn’t offer online booking, your practice has already lost the interest of 70% of patients who prefer it.

Personalized websites offer Online Booking capabilities, which sync to your practice’s calendar, notifies you of any changes and even automatically fills cancellations with patients from your waitlist. Not only will this save valuable time for your staff, but it will ensure patients can book an appointment the second they make a decision, so you never lose a patient to an ‘I’ll do it later.’

#3 Position your practice as a trusted educational resource

Providing informative content online can lead the 6 million Americans who search for health information every day straight to your website. As this increases your exposure, it will also boost your ranking on Google and earn you more trust with those who are most likely to become patients.

Building a catalog of educational content can be time-consuming, which is why the most robust website templates for chiropractic practices include hundreds of patient-centric SEO pages in their services. This means you can earn trust with patients and prospects, plus rank higher on Google without the extra effort

#4 Use website FAQs to reduce front office calls

When prospects have questions, it often leads to a phone call that ends with a ‘no.’ Having frequently asked questions on your website can save your staff valuable time while giving clear direction to prospects who want to become patients.

Website providers like Online Chiro offer ready-made templates that allow practices to input their own questions or quickly select from a catalog of recommendations.

#5 Keep track of your patient growth

Measuring your practice’s success over time can be tricky, especially once your new website starts bringing in more inquiries and appointments.

Most chiropractic marketing companies offer analytics dashboards, but the best ones can pinpoint and overview the most important data for your practice growth. And, allow you to easily adjust your marketing plan when needed.


As the digital world grows, having an online presence will continue to be a key factor in keeping up with patient needs and competitors. With a patient-centric website, your practice can bring in new patients, engage existing ones, and even streamline in-office processes – all in one automated place.

Personalized chiropractic website templates have dramatically transformed online marketing for chiropractors. Instead of hiring a developer and content team, they can use one affordable provider for pre-designed templates, SEO content, online booking capabilities, and patient acquisition success management. Thus, positioning them above competition and in the eyeline of more patients

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